Emotional Bank Manager

I am an extreme entrepreneur who stays calm in the storms of life by trusting in the flow of the river, whilst committing to be authentic and vulnerable to help lead others by example.

My name is Luke Worsfold,

I work with clients who are looking to manage their emotional bank accounts and overcome their addiction(s).

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 12 years old when I used to take orders for sandwiches on the school bus then get my step mum to make them for my lunch. I would then sell the sandwiches with 100% profit (for me anyway) and then buy sweets and cigarette before school.

I then built a few of my own companies well into my twenties when I reached my first real failure. I feel deep into my addiction because I lost all my net worth and my self worth was tied to it.

Then at my lowest, I decided I would become my best self!

Now many years, over 100 books and 70 therapy sessions (with my emotional bank manager) later, I now run a successful business and constantly put in the work to be the architect of my own reality.

Podcast. Therapy. DBT Programs

I now run a company called Lisa Inside Addiction which helps people affected by addiction discover healthier ways to manage their emotions. I do this through the podcast where I interview world renowned experts on addiction and people directly affected by it. I also provide therapy in London and Southend along with a number of programs to help my clients break through the glass ceilings of their mental health.

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